Spray On Grass

With our hot, dry, summers and increased water restrictions coming in place it can be difficult to keep your lawn looking, lush, green, and beautiful.  You've invested money into your lawn, your irrigation system, and you want it too look great, so what do you do?  If you continue to water your lawn despite the restrictions you can face fines starting at $250  to $500 up to $1000 or risk having your water turned off for the season.  (Read More Here)

Thankfully there are now products on the market meant to tackle this specific problem so you don't need to use water to keep your grass green.  Using specially formulated spray-on grass paint, we can transform any yellow, brown, or dying patches of lawn, into a lush green lawn once again.  The current water restrictions in place will lead to many types of grass not being able to survive.  This includes Kentucky Blue Grass, Zoysia, Bermuda, Buffalo, and more.

Hansen And Sons is a lawn care company based out of Clearfield, Utah.  We specialize in applying spray on grass paint.  That's right!  Green grass paint.  Using a safe, non-toxic, spray-on product we can transform the appearance of your lawn from brown to a beautiful, lush, vibrant green, regardless of whether it's getting watered or not.  The product is safe for kids, safe for pets, it's rain-proof , dries quickly, and won't harm your grass or it's delicate root system.  Whether you need to have your entire lawn sprayed or just a few patchy sections, we'll be able to help.

Questions About Our Grass Paint?

The product is formulated for longevity.  One application can last for a couple of months, more than enough time to take your lawn through the hot, dry summer.

Absolutely not.  It's made with 100% safe and all natural ingredients that are both pet and environmentally friendly.  It's not going to rub off on your dogs if they roll on the grass, it's not going to harm your cat, or neighborhood wildlife.

Yes, we can mix the grass paint to varying degrees of concentration to better color match any existing grass.

We use metal edging to protect your garden beds, driveway, walkways, pathways, and patios.  We take the time and are very careful to ensure only your lawn gets sprayed with the green grass paint.

Want To Schedule An Estimate For Your Lawn?

Our initial consultation will cover everything in detail so we can move forward with a solid plan.

  1. We start with our initial consultation and a quick trip to your property.
  2. We will view your lawn and take accurate measurements so we know how much product is needed.
  3. We will provide you with a written estimate for your new green grass paint application.
  4. Our team will show up on the scheduled day (weather permitting) and spray the product on your lawn.
  5. The end result is going to be a beautiful, lush, green lawn once again, without watering, or worrying.

If you’d like to get an estimate for spray on green grass paint for your lawn please give us a call 801-698-0309 or fill out our online contact form and we’ll get back to you right away.